Ferdinand Adolph Lange's 200th Anniversary

Ferdinand Adolph Lange was born 200 years ago, on 18 February 1815. This inventor, entrepreneur and politician is regarded as the founding father of the precision watchmaking industry in Saxony. A multimedia overview of one of the major economic pioneers of the 19th century.

This gifted watchmaker, whose pocket watches are still very much in demand today, dedicated his life to establishing a watchmaking manufactory in a region with little infrastructure, thus laying the cornerstone of the precision watchmaking industry in Saxony. The video shows some of the major milestones of his life.

Nine Innovations of Ferdinand Adolph Lange

Ferdinand Adolph Lange in Facts and Figures

thalers (including 1,120 for tools) were awarded to him by the Saxon Ministry of the Interior as starting capital for his company
years was the period for which Lange was mayor of Glashütte (1848-1866); during his time in office he oversaw the construction of numerous streets, bridges and river-bank reinforcements
apprentices were appointed by Lange when he established his company in Glashütte in 1845
metres is the length of the three-second pendulum of the house clock installed at the family domain by Lange in 1873. The pendulum still swings precisely today
patents were directly awarded to Lange, while his sons filed applications for many more
6 ¼
hours is the time a stage coach took from Dresden to Glashütte at that time
years is the time he spent with the watchmaker Joseph Thaddäus Winnerl in Paris during his years of travelling